Practical cooking?

Time saver: Phil is a hypocrite and tries to impress you with a fancy menu.

After claiming to be pragmatic and a fan of simple, tasty food, I have to go and make this my first real post… before I get into all that normal food though, I want to start with my best meal ever.

This time last week we had a couple of friends over for dinner. I felt like going a bit overboard, so laid out a set menu of restaurant style food. The theme was a tribute to Retour, my favourite restaurant in Christchurch, now sadly closed because of damage from the earthquakes. I borrowed heavily from my memories of eating there, and came up with this menu:

Retour Degustation – A Tribute

Everything went amazingly well, it took over 3 hours to get through it all, but the food turned out brilliantly, the wine flowed, and the company was excellent. Over the next few days I’ll be posting and linking recipes for each of the courses.

Before you go getting the wrong idea, I won’t be cooking that much food again in a hurry…


9 thoughts on “Practical cooking?

    • haha, I didn’t make up the combo (it’s a Retour classic) – but I did have to invent a recipe for it. (since Retour weren’t just handing them out with the menus.) basically just a miso and honey glaze on the steak, then pop a bit of kikorangi on the top once the steak is cooked to melt appealingly. (speaking of kikorangi, I’d had to search around to find it for the dinner, and then the night before you happen to bring some around – just a day too late. heart breaking.)

  1. Look, I’ll just say it. This dinner was amazing and if you weren’t there… You haven’t had food how it was meant to be eaten.

    Just saying.

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