Since it’s going to take a while to get all my recipes up, I thought I’d set up a page for people to make requests. This probably makes more sense for people who know me in real life, but if you’ve got a hunger and you want my take on it, feel free to ask away.

So go on, request a recipe in the comments. I’ll do my best to either put up a recipe, or track down one that seems reasonable.


20 thoughts on “Requests?

  1. Steak Chateau Briand! I had it in Kathmandu once and remember it was the best meal I’d ever had. May have been a result of the previous month in vegetarian India. Lets see a NZ take on it!

    • haha, I can imagine a massive chunk of beef would have gone down a treat… I’ll definitely try it out, do you want it close to authentic, or am I free to improvise?

  2. Two requests for you, Phil. Could you post your hashbrown / birdnest potato recipe please? And also your creme brulee? Thank you!

      • Thanks, Phil. I’m keen to have a go. For some reason I seem to go through egg whites faster than yolks so often have a bowl maturing in the fridge.I’ll let you know how I get on.Do you know whether there’s any reason a small butane soldering style flame torch shouldn’t be used to caramelise top? Fraction of price of cooking torches. Cheers.

      • OK , got my hash brown recipe up.

        Creme brulee’s an excellent way to use up egg yolks. (I reckon egg whites are harder to use up – but I guess there’s meringues, macarons, and tuiles etc.) I don’t see any reason why that kind of torch wouldn’t work – I think the main thing is just that you need to directly apply heat, it might take a bit longer if the flame is small but should still do the job. I’ve even done it under the grill in an oven (though wasn’t overly impressed with the results since the whole custard heated up) and in one of her recipes Annabelle White gets you to make the toffee topping in a sauce pan then pour it on to save using a torch (I haven’t tried that).

  3. I vote for a lasange! My favourite all time food ever but it gets a bit samey. Make me drool with your awesomeness

    • My brother’s pretty fanatical about making it, time for a guest post? I’ve got a couple of fairly normal recipes for it I’ve written down. They taste good but there’s nothing weird or exotic about them. I’ve also done a couple of variations, like vegetarian (can’t remember for sure, but sauce had capsicum, red onion, mushrooms etc), or tuna-based, blue-cheese in the white sauce etc. Any guidance?

      • I once had it in an Italian place and they had ham in it as well, almost like a layer which was pretty awesome. So I was thinking along those kinda lines? Oh also, was thinking… you reckon if you put mozerella into the edges of your pizza base and wrap it it’d be good for stuffed crust?

  4. Broooo,
    can you post a recipe for a stir fry? As a Brock, I’m expected to know how to make this, but I’ve never learned properly. I’ve had mum show me a couple of times, but that was ages ago and I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. A recipe on my favourite food blog sure would be handy.
    Shot bro!

    • Sure thing. I’ve been doing honey-soy noodles a lot lately so I’ll put that up. Once you get the basic idea you can change the flavour just by tweaking the sauces. Pretty quick to cook too 😉

  5. Hi Phil
    As soon as I saw your byline I knew I had the right page. I had heard the rumour that you were online but last time I checked your pg was bereft of all your awesomeness. Nice to see the page filling out, you’ll be knocking Annabelle off her perch anytime. Bring on those book contracts eh?

    So Dare I ask for the Choc Ribbon Cake recipe? Always wanted it, never dared ask. Then I can indulge at will and not need to keep having babies in order to get a special delivery. 🙂 Kerry.
    (Ps Great pg, v impressive and nxt baby due Jan so you have 3 mths to figure out how to get it to Chch fresh!)

    • I’ve never actually made them, but Jonathan (the 13 year old cooking virtuoso) has and recommended them to me. I’ll see if he can give me his recipe/tell me what he did and pass it on.

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