Almond Tuiles

Time saver: I still don’t know how to pronounce “tuiles” properly.

If you know what a tuile is then you already know these are delicious. If you don’t, then they’re a little difficult to explain, except to say that they’re thin, slightly crispy, slightly chewy, often curved dessert cookies. When they come out of the oven they’re quite malleable, so are sometimes shaped into bowls for ice cream etc.

I haven’t internalised the recipe for these, or come up with my own particular spin on it. When I make these, I refer to Chef Eddy, who’s got a great recipe for Almond Tuiles on his site.

The one thing I did do was halve the recipe, but I don’t think that really warrants me writing it up here. (Unless someone requests it.) So go on, go follow Chef Eddy’s advice and make them. They’re really pretty easy.


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